Recommended Businesses

The following businesses have been instrumental in helping with the build out of the Mt Hood Bicycle shop:

Charlie’s Paint and Decorating
Justin Shenkel
7302 SE 18th Street, Ste. 105
Vancouver, WA
P: 360-828-1522

Igloo Impressions (Banners & Stenciling)
Kyle “Roundhouse” Sullivan
68130 E Stagestop Road
Welches, Oregon 97067
P: 503-502-4015

R.M. and Son Painting
Mario Rivera
3400 NE May Street
Vancouver, WA 98661
P: 657-206-9814

Sandy Bicycle
Larry Russell
17390 Smith Avenue
Sandy, Oregon 97055
P: 503-826-1070

Stafford Studios
Web Design & Creative Media
Dawna Stafford
P: 503-663-6565

Wired for Sound
Kevin Chesla
PO Box 554
Welches, Oregon 97067
P: 503-804-5037
[email protected]

Lauren Carusona
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/NTP
Registered Yoga Instructor/RYT
67149 E Hwy 26
Welches, Oregon 97067
P: 503-890-6592
[email protected]